Steve Harvey’s success story – mentioning his journey from being a struggling comedian to becoming a successful media personality and businessman. His success was not immediate, but instead was the result of hard work and perseverance.

Steve Harvey’s insights on success includes the importance of setting goals, being willing to learn from failures, and having a positive attitude. He is also quoted as saying that success requires a strong work ethic and being willing to put in the effort to achieve one’s goals. Take inspiration from Steve Harvey’s story and use his tips and advice to help achieve your own success.

What stops people from becoming successful is that you look at your end goals and you see how far you are from it. And then, a year later, you realize you’re still not there and you get frustrated. That’s not how you measure success. Success is not how far you’ve gotten, it’s how far you’ve gotten from where you started.

You have to take inventory with your life, man. You gotta, as a young person, you got to go, “Okay, well, okay I’m 19 and I got my first speaking role.” The average person doesn’t get the first speaking role at 19, man. So, you got to be okay with that.

And I’m gonna drop this piece of jewelry on you, man: success is a process. It’s an arduous process. I’m still in the process. I gotta keep. I got a minute, boys, especially for young people, man. Because I’ve been young and I wanted it so bad and I had nothing, man. So, you got to understand this thing called success is a process.

Set your goals, but understand it takes a long time to make a lot of money. You hear me, man? It takes a long time to make a lot of money. Quit looking at Instagram. Instagram is people’s highlight reel. That ain’t really how they look. They got one Birkin bag, that ain’t a real one, and they got it on Instagram, and they’re showing you the clasp open and all that. That, and they got a filter on it and they look perfect. They don’t have a bump that, that ain’t life, man.

Instagram is a highlight reel. That’s the best picture they posted that day. You know how many shots they took to get that picture? Don’t get caught up in none of that. Get your grind on, hustle. Get your head down and hustle. Hustle, listen man. The dream is absolutely free. The hustle and grind is sold separately. It’s two different things.

You know, dreaming is one thing, goals is putting work clothes on your dreams. You got to set goals. When you set goals, you take your dreams and you don’t put work clothes on. You gotta hustle, man. You got to talk to God every day. If you ain’t talking to God, you’re making this thing way harder than it’s got to be. You got to include God in the mix, or you’re going to be struggling. Listen to me, I struggle. God, you don’t put God in this thing, you’re gonna be wandering around for a long time.

But, you sit down for 30 minutes with students and only discuss their dreams. Here’s what happens. Once a child informs you of their dreams, you have the key to unlock his ability to learn. Because if God says, “I want to fly an airplane,” well then guess what, you got to get good at science. You got to get good at math, and now school becomes incredibly important to fulfill the dream.

See, but if you never ask a child what he dreams and you’re always telling him, “You got to go to school, do your work, do your work,” nah, man. You got to find out what makes him tick. So, finding out what makes a person dream about, what makes him tick.

I don’t know if you really noticed this or not, but education is never mentioned in the Bible. But if you dream of being a dentist, then guess what? You’ve got to get good at reading. It’s science, so now you can get them to do better in school because you’ve got a reason to be good in school. But if you never give a child a reason to be good in school, that’s the problem we have in the school system. That’s my advice. It could have saved a lot of pain for me, because I don’t give up history.

I’m not really good at math. I’m good at addition, subtraction, and multiplication. I know how many days I come to work. I know how much I make each day and I multiply that. I know how much you owe me. That’s all I need to know. My whole ambition was to be on TV and to tell jokes. So why are you feeding me this physics? It could have saved me some trouble.

Stuttering is not a physical ailment. It’s purely mental and is only because it starts with nervousness and then after that it’s anticipation. When you stutter and people know you stutter, when they talk to you, they talk to you like this: “So how are you today?” And you see that, and it locks you up because you know they’re waiting on you to start. “I’m, I’m doing fine.” And it locks you up.

The way to cover stuttering is to stop eye contact with people. You cannot look at people. You have to talk within yourself. I have little boys that come to my mentoring camp that stutter. I cure every last one of them. I’d never let a little boy walk with my camp and still stutter, and I mean with really bad stutters. The last camp I had, the little boy’s mother came to me and said, “If you could just start helping him from studying.” I said, “Just give me the boy. I’ve got him.” On Tuesday, by Saturday, he gave the commencement speech at the graduation.

Whenever somebody talks to you, remove the tension. Take the eye contact away. Go within yourself. Say it to yourself twice and then before you look up, answer the question. Then look up. That’s the drill. I want you to do it in the mirror. I want you to do it with a close friend of yours. And that’s all I want you to do. After a while, you’ll only have to say it to yourself once. Then you look up. After a while, you’ll be able to look at them, say it to yourself internally, and then say it. That’s it, man.

I’m going to give you the second drill. This is how you do it. This is it. This is how you cure stuttering. There’s nothing else. Stay away from the ‘st’ and ‘pr’ sounds. No, man, it’s just you. It’s going within yourself.

Something interesting, dude, that I saw on the camera: dancing. You’ve got an extroverted sign. You just gotta let it out. The next thing you do is tell yourself, “I no longer stutter.” Because it’s mental. You’ve gotta say this to yourself all the time and act like you’re reading all your thoughts because you don’t stutter when you read and you don’t study when you talk to yourself. So you’ve got to get in that mirror and talk to yourself constantly. Practice. I’m going to show you how to do it, man.

Tell jokes, just in Cleveland and get famous. So, I had to go away to get it done, but I… I… I think I understand. You can love your family and love your gift, and you shouldn’t have to pick between the two because guilt is the most useless emotion in the world. Guilt serves the purpose of no one except the person who’s trying to apply it for manipulative purposes.

Every time I’ve ever been guilty, it’s because somebody… “Oh, you just done forgot us.” “Oh, so now you think you’re all that?” No, I don’t think so. See what happened is, you think that I’m all this, and you think I now think I’m this, when I’m really the same dude.

One thing I learned about money: Money doesn’t change people.

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